A new name to meet the needs of athletic departments in 2020 and beyond.


RealRecruit, the industry-leading risk management platform for athletic departments, is now RealResponse.

We’ve expanded our offerings to better protect the athletes and organizations we serve—especially with the new challenges facing athletes in 2020. With RealResponse, athletic organizations are better equipped not just to connect to their athletes, but to easily detect, uncover and respond to their athletes’ needs. 

“Our mission at RealResponse hasn’t wavered since inception. We provide a platform for athletes to use their voices and for administrators to respond in a meaningful way. Our hope for the rebrand is to more thoroughly deliver on the mission of the company.”

— David Chadwick, founder and CEO, RealResponse 

About RealResponse

The RealResponse platform currently provides over 50,000 athletes a unique way to give feedback about their experiences within the athletic program, while protecting the organization at the same time. We work with collegiate and professional athletic organizations as well as players’ associations all over the country. 

In one centralized digital platform, RealResponse offers: 

  • Real-time, anonymous reporting about issues such as mental health, COVID-19 violations, social justice, misconduct and beyond—and real-time responses from the athletic administration. 
  • Surveys that empower athletes to share feedback about their experiences within the athletic department and provide  administrators the data      to make meaningful decisions.
  • A secure documentation repository that stores timestamped notes and tracked interactions between the administrators, coaches and the athlete.

“Protecting the health and safety our student-athletes and the integrity of the institution are paramount responsibilities for an Athletics Director. RealResponse is an invaluable tool to help identify student-athlete needs and concerns – and determine the right administrative response – before they escalate into a crisis.”

— John Currie, Director of Athletics, Wake Forest University

Designed to meet the current and evolving needs of Athletic Administrators 

When David Chadwick, a former Valparaiso basketball student-athlete founded RealResponse, his goal was to empower student-athletes to share constructive feedback with athletic administrators via a survey. Now, RealResponse offers a dynamic suite of tools for an athletic department’s risk management, both at the college level and beyond.  

With many athletic programs experiencing disruptions this year, RealResponse is more important than ever. The platform is designed to address the issues that are plaguing athletes in these unprecedented times. Athletic leaders can use RealResponse to reassure athletes that they’re looking out for them, and maintain that connection, no matter where interactions are taking place. During a season that’s unlike any previous one, it’s especially important to encourage athletes to share feedback about all the changes they’re facing and how the department is handling new constraints. 

“The health and well-being of the student-athlete is at the center of every decision that I make at George Washington, RealResponse helps us take action to prevent and resolve issues in a meaningful, timely, and effective way.”

— Tanya Vogel, Director of Athletics, George Washington University

“RealResponse has been a tremendous asset at Baylor University. Student-athletes can approach us anonymously and I can still respond back to further the conversation, creating a safe environment while offering up key resources such as Title IX, Equity and Mental Health Services.”

— Dawn Rogers, Deputy AD and SWA, Baylor University

Amplifying the athlete’s voice 

The athlete’s voice has never been more influential than it is right now. Athletes all over the world are using their platform and speaking up on big issues. 

RealResponse protects the athletes and the organization during this process by allowing transparency on topics such as mental health, misconduct, COVID-19 violations and social justice.  

Athletic directors can use our platform to receive and respond to urgent concerns. In a secure and orderly system, administrative staff can thoughtfully and correctly respond to each concern and supply resources, advice and the proper protocol to each athlete. All actions will be recorded, timestamped and stored for future reference and documentation.