A centralized hub to keep and track important information.

Sensitive documents and communications are safely and securely stored so they don't fall through the cracks and leave you exposed.

Centralized documentation.

Easily store all of your critical documents in one integrated location to ensure your department succeeds with long-term protection.

Internal correspondence.

Seamlessly create confidential notes and communicate with other key personnel to keep and track important information including dates created and read receipts.

Permission levels.

Assign tasks and permission levels to ensure access to sensitive documents is limited.

RealResponse enables our department to manage our most important internal documentation and communications in one integrated place. Before, we often were trying to piece together records and timelines with fragmented emails, paper notes, text messages, and more. Now, we can all operate in one space and know that our documentation is accessible and sustainable for the future. RealResponse easily pays for itself with just one incident being appropriately addressed and documented within the system.

Gretchen Bouton, Senior Associate Director of Athletics

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