Real-Time Reporting

Connect to your team anonymously in real-time.

Real-Time Reporting provides our partners with a powerful tool for uncovering and responding to key issues and provide necessary resources immediately.

Real-Time Reporting.

Give teams a portal to anonymously contact your administration. Be proactive around the most pressing and common issues.

Connect resources.

Seamlessly sync teams with appropriate resources. RealResponse empowers you to include the proper partners quickly through our system.

Secure documentation for protection.

All actions taken through our Real-Time Reporting tool and your subsequent follow up are cleanly documented in our platform to better protect the athlete, your organization, and administration.

RealResponse has provided a more efficient way to evaluate the student-athlete experience by empowering our student-athletes to give honest feedback and a platform for administration to listen to their voices. We have found that our student-athletes are thoughtful about their feedback and have used it as an opportunity to share what they would like to see improved but also a platform to share what they celebrate about their experience. The best part is we receive this feedback in REAL TIME so we can act on it.

Amy Crosbie, Executive Associate AD

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