The Survey Experience

Our rich benchmarking data coupled with an enhanced experience for creating, scheduling, and reviewing insights, make strengthening your organization’s culture an easier and more meaningful effort.






Simplified Survey Management

Structure surveys to capture valuable feedback from different groups within your organization. Creating an optimal user experience from start to finish is our priority. Viewing all surveys – drafts, active, completed – in one place makes your job easier and more efficient.

Effortless Survey Creation

With a press of a button, the blue one that is, you will be able to launch a new survey quickly. Cloning surveys is possible and creating multiple surveys at once is too. Effortless might be a stretch but it’s close!

Process Visibility & Tracking

Administrators can easily preview surveys and track survey engagement and progress. Let the system do the work – automated reminders help ensure greater participation and survey completion.

Survey Enhancements

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RealResponse Surveys include reminders?

Yes – automated reminders are part of the survey deployment process. These notifications include pre-populated messaging that can work for any organization that needs to remind people to provide feedback through a survey.

I spend a lot of time creating surveys. What’s the process like in RealResponse?

Survey workflows in RealResponse are intuitive. Managing the survey process from beginning to end is a streamlined and straightforward experience in the platform. Administrators can clone surveys developed previously or create multiple surveys at once. RealResponse even offers standard surveys.

What if I have a question about Survey Development & Deployment?

Your Client Success Representative is an email or phone call away and ready to help with any questions you may have.