Our Story

Creating a safe and confidential way to share feedback with athletics department leaders was an idea RealResponse Founder and CEO, David Chadwick, brought forward in 2015 during an entrepreneurship class. Chadwick interviewed over 200 athletics directors about a process for capturing athletes’ feedback leading to the RealResponse survey platform launch to college athletics in 2016.


RealResponse now has over 200 customers spanning professional leagues, integrity units, national governing bodies, and colleges and universities. The RealResponse team is proud to serve and support over 2 million people reached through its expanding client community.

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We help our clients improve the athlete, student, and employee experience by elevating voices that need to be heard on a wide range of topics related to mental health and wellness, hazing, sports betting, and other discussions that are often difficult to navigate.

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We believe in creating safe, ethical, and inclusive environments where our broad and diverse community of athletes, players, students, coaches, management, and staff can thrive and achieve their full potential. 

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David Chadwick

Founder and CEO

As a student-athlete at Valparaiso and Rice, David Chadwick realized that his experience had very little to do with external factors – facilities, equipment, fans – and everything to do with intangible things – teammates and coaches, culture, and personal relationships. In an entrepreneurship class, he envisioned a digital solution to answer a challenge he faced: the need for a safe and confidential way to bring feedback to leaders in seats of power. That solution evolved into RealResponse, which now has 200+ clients – from colleges and universities to sanctioning bodies and integrity units – and a reach of more than two million people. Chadwick leads a team of world-class professionals – many of whom are former student-athletes themselves.

Meet the Team
David Chadwick, founder and ceo