Use surveys to build better experiences with actionable insights from your athletes, students, and employees.

By the numbers

Athlete Insights


Of professional and elite athletes suffer from disordered eating, burnout, depression, and/or anxiety (American College of Sports Medicine)


Of student-athletes reported being hazed in college (NCAA)


Of individuals aged between 18 and 22 have engaged in at least one sports betting activity. (NCAA)

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Implement and respond

Create two-way, confidential discussions with athletes, students, and employees as they rate and comment on a wide range of topics and experiences.

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Measure the experience

With in-depth reporting and dashboards, leaders have tools to track changes and improvements made to programs based on important insights received.

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Benchmark your data

Using the most extensive available data pool for student-athlete insights, review how your program compares to peer organizations and national averages.

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Survey FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I analyze survey data?

The Surveys dashboard handles a lot of data and produces insights at a granular level. There are multiple ways to look at the information including a summary level dashboard, user engagement details, specific team insights, and more. The dashboard pulls the data out of the system and provides a clear picture year-over-year, benchmarks against peer organizations, and at the team level.

Are Survey comments anonymous?

Based on your organization’s needs and preferences, surveys can be deployed so that comments are either anonymous or not. In the latter case, you will see an individual’s name and comments.


If your organization chooses to keep Survey comments anonymous, administrators can start a direct dialogue with the person sharing those comments. This can help administrators understand a situation more clearly and immediately without compromising the identity of the person sharing insights.

Are surveys customizable?

Yes. There are a few approaches RealResponse clients can take with Surveys. There are standard, off-the-shelf surveys featuring questions that many organizations look to gain more insights on and understand. Clients can also customize the Survey tool to collect more specific insights if desired. It’s up to the client to determine which approach will work best to meet the goals of the organization.

What about benchmarking?

Due to survey data collected for years, the insights for our customers are unparalleled, especially for our intercollegiate athletics customers. This depth of data provides helpful direction for department leaders on everything from the impact of improvements made to net promoter scores. With standard survey questions used by several customers for many years, all college sports clients using Surveys benefit from macro insights on how they benchmark within athletics and against their peers.