Onsite Events Communication

Seamlessly communicate with fans in real-time and anonymously about safety, security, facilities, transportation, and other concerns that may come up during a public event or “game day”.


A person filing a report can easily categorize the concern or issue, which enables the report to be routed to appropriate personnel for further assistance. RealResponse in essence becomes your wizard behind the scenes connecting the right resources and helping make the fan experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

Efficient Triage

This real-time event communications solution might just be your best friend when being in more than one place at the same time is a requirement for a successful event or competition. A variety of fans’ needs can be taken care of instantly from the palm of your hand (well, we mean with your cell phone, of course!).

Peace of Mind

Managing large public gatherings – games, tournaments, matches, or any large event – is complex and requires a lot of planning. And once the big day arrives, are there ever enough people on hand to help out? No. The peace of mind generated from a reliable and effective events communication tool is…priceless.

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