Anonymous Threads

Connect with your athletes, students, and employees quickly and safely through anonymous, two-way engagement.

Versatile Applications

Anonymous Threads


Receive and respond to questions, comments, and concerns real-time and anonymously via text messaging, also integrated with WhatsApp.


Provide information anonymously through encrypted and secure email communications if this is your preferred communication channel and if sharing a longer report and attachments.


Athletes, students, and employees go to the RealResponse portal to submit anonymous feedback on any number of topics from mental health and hazing to the mundane.

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Simple & Engaging

Be on the front lines of ensuring communications go to the right place in the fastest way possible. Individuals within your organization or institution have access to prevailing technology tools through RealResponse and can use their preferred way to communicate information confidentially and securely.

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Safe & Confidential

RealResponse anonymizes the phone number of anyone sending information keeping identities and associated data protected. Two-way conversations through e-mail, text, and WhatsApp occur in a safe space reducing angst and barriers for communication.

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Connect & Support

Individuals have access to system administrators who can point them in the right direction, offer useful resources, and can help diffuse situations before they escalate. At times when support and guidance are needed most, RealResponse facilitates those connections.

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Anonymous Threads FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do administrators need to be on 24/7?

No. The organization / administrator is immediately notified of a new report submitted. The person sending the message receives a customized autoreply instantly which may include details on when to expect a response. It’s up to the administrator to determine the communications process.

Are threads anonymous?

Yes. No identifiable information is displayed to administrators, and it is not shared. Administrators do not have access to user data. All traffic going over the network is encrypted using secure protocols.

Is it really a two-way communication?

Yes. The platform enables anonymous, two-way communications. Other anonymous communications tools are often one-way, making it difficult to follow up on specific details related to a comment or report. In this case, the communication flow is two-way so that both parties can continue the conversation for as long as needed without compromising the reporting person’s identity.

Does RealResponse see the message content?

No. RealResponse does not look at messages and does not share them. The RealResponse system blocks access to the content of all reports so that even RealResponse administrators cannot view the content. It is highly restricted information.

Do Anonymous Threads generate dashboards?

Yes. Clients receive a dynamically generated dashboard that captures usage metrics, common threads of discussion, and summarizes all recent activity. This can be viewed at any time, and users can compare data from previous periods of use to prior years to understand what’s working and what’s not.