Key Features

Anonymous Threads

By facilitating two-way, anonymous communications with

common channels like text and email, popular messaging

apps (WhatsApp), or QR codes, we ensure everyone has

a chance to be heard on critical issues.





Anonymity and Security

Know which communications are anonymous and which ones are not with a quick scan. The incognito look is visual reassurance that a communication is anonymous.

Flexible Audience Grouping

Customize campaigns and messages to specific audiences, for example, the volleyball team, the HR department, medical staff and trainers.

Game Day Functionality

Seamlessly communicate with fans in real-time about safety, security, facilities, transportation, and other issues that may come up during a game, tournament, or any large event. Reports can be categorized and routed to appropriate personnel for further assistance. This solution can make all the difference with your fans’ satisfaction and experience!

Messaging & Template Library

Tailor messages to user categories and deploy campaigns with ready-to-go content relevant to user concerns and product best practices.

Anyone Can Report A Concern

With flexible reporting capabilities – coaches, employees, students, athletes – anyone has the ability to report a concern, and everyone’s identity remains anonymous and protected.

Anonymous Threads | Anonymous Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create default messaging based on the user role?

Yes, default messaging is tailored to the user categories – athletes, coaches, and verified staff. You can go to the “edit portal messaging” function and customize your messaging there.

I would like to message the volleyball starting line up only. Can I?

Yes. Go to the “groups” tab in Manage and create the group of people who should receive your message or campaign.

Can staff and other employees use the Anonymous Threads Portal?

They can! At one time they could not but this functionality is now flexible. Anyone can report a concern in complete privacy and anonymity. Even those using the system will not see your name unless you want to reveal it.