IC360 & RealResponse

The combined power of these two category leaders helps organizations navigate the numerous challenges in the shifting sports betting landscape. (US Integrity is now IC360.)

Sports Betting Facts

Increased Gambling Activity


Sports gambling is now legal in 38 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. after the Supreme Court unraveled the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018.


Of individuals aged between 18 and 22 have engaged in at least one sports betting activity (NCAA).


The total gaming revenue at the end of November 2023 was $59.84 billion, surpassing 2022’s record total (AmericanGaming.org)

Solution Descriptions

Sports Betting Integrity Solutions


Organizations have the unique ability to rebrand this anonymous, two-way integrity portal as their own. There are a couple of options for managing the portal: Outsource portal management to IC360’s trained professionals or select and task administrators within an organization to create a joint portal management process with IC360.

Intercollegiate Athletics

A fully integrated service designed to be used exclusively for intercollegiate athletics to help protect student-athletes, as well as colleges and universities, from increased illegal gambling-related activity.

Athlete Alert

Powered by RealResponse, Athlete Alert is the only national tip line that allows the public to anonymously report gambling-related issues without fear of retaliation. Use the QR code below to send in a concern or access more information through the link below.

Simplified, Streamlined Support

The power of technology in combination with investigative expertise can help protect multiple entities and individuals from the risks of illegal wagering. Every state has a different approach to sports betting, and keeping up with the laws and policies is tough. One state may permit in-person gambling while another allows for online wagering only. Another state may say its a violation of the NCAA code while in another it’s a felony. Even more challenging is the lengths at which bad actors will go to profit off gambling.



Expertise, Training & Resources

RealResponse and IC360 are focused on educating campus communities about what is considered illegal wagering and what’s not. With gaming apps on the rise, it’s easier than ever to participate in sports betting. This puts student-athletes, in particular, at greater personal risk if they don’t understand the gambling policies in their state and for their sport, or if they encounter a disgruntled bettor.


Our intercollegiate athletics solution helps student-athletes and college administrators navigate this complex, high risk area by providing education and resources.

Anonymous Communications

RealResponse and IC360 came together to elevate the voices of the public with regards to gambling-related issues and to ensure sports betting integrity in every play, every game, and every sport.


Use the QR code to report an issue. More information about the only national tip line available to the general public to report concerns about illegal sports betting can be found here:


Athlete Alert Powered by RealResponse 

USI Integrated Service Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate this solution?

Send an email request to your RealResponse Customer Success Manager. RealResponse will work with IC360 (formerly US Integrity) to add its investigation account into your RealResponse portal.

What should be reported?

Individuals making threats to persons within an athletics program, offering monetary or other awards for a certain outcome or play style, or who keep their identity anonymous while attempting to contact people involved in an athletics program.

What happens after an anonymous report is sent through RealResponse to IC360 investigators?

Upon receiving a report from RealResponse, IC360 (formerly U.S. Integrity) will convene internally to determine the best course of action. This decision will be based on the information provided in the initial report, our current agreement with the institution (which specifies whether the school will conduct the initial triage of reports or if IC360 will handle this responsibility), and the assessed threat of physical violence or harassment towards the institution, a member of the institution, or the reporting party.