National Governing Bodies (NGBs)

Supporting athletes of all ages and levels, NGBs are working to communicate effectively with their diverse constituents.

NGB Insights

US Equestrian Case Study

An anonymous reporting and feedback structure was vital to the success of this equestrian community.

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RealResponse users can share information via their preferred tool of communication. Texting from one’s own phone anonymously and continuing that two-way conversation serves as a channel for positive change.


A WhatsApp integration with RealResponse made perfect sense, as it is the most popular and widely used mobile messenger app in the world, for global communities to communicate quickly and anonymously.


Ensuring all people are heard through their preferred means of communication helps reduce communication barriers and build trust, making email another key channel for many to have two-way, anonymous discussions.

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By the Numbers

National Governing Bodies


There are currently 39 Olympic summer sport NGBs in the U.S. and 8 Olympic winter sport NGBs.


athletes typically participate in the Winter Olympic Games (IOC).


Increase in reports of emotional and physical abuse from 2020-2022 (U.S. Center for SafeSport).