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RealResponse works with campus leaders to help ensure safer, stronger, and more inclusive communities.

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The Division II Distinction

Division II athletics leaders face unique challenges – creating a balanced student-athlete experience is at the top of the list.

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College and University Insights

Silent Struggle

Whether characterized as the “silent struggle” or “quiet crisis,” it’s getting harder to ignore the mental health impacts that college students—and student-athletes in particular—face.

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College Hazing Prevention

College hazing isn’t new – but preventing it requires a new approach.

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Empower your students to share insights on their experience and turn that feedback into positive change. The outcomes of your efforts are captured through extensive comparative data and dashboards showing improvement and success.

Anonymous Threads

Understand the dynamics within your student community – varsity and intramural sports, Greek life, performing arts groups, and other campus organizations – through clear, anonymous, and continuous communications monitored by campus leaders.


Campus leaders can proactively manage important communications, compliance details, and documents seamlessly in one place instead of piecing together records and timelines with bits of disparate information from texts, emails, and phone calls.

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Of individuals aged between 18 and 22 have engaged in at least one sports betting activity (NCAA).


More than half of students involved in clubs, teams, and organizations experienced hazing during college (National Study of Student Hazing).


The percentage of students with significant symptoms of depression (Healthy Minds Network).