Meet Samantha K. Huge, RealResponse’s New Executive Director of Collegiate Accounts


I’m Samantha Huge. I’m the executive director of collegiate accounts for RealResponse.

Challenges facing today’s student-athletes are greater than they’ve ever been. With the onset of social media, pressures have become great, from not only themselves, but from the outside world.

I made the decision to change careers because I believe at its core mission RealResponse is about helping and developing student-athletes. And that, to me, is one of my core values, personally.

As a former director of athletics, I can relate to the pressure that administrators feel today to ensure they are upholding the integrity and accountability that their institution expects. RealResponse gave me the confidence that our department was doing exactly that. That we were fulfilling our duty, not only to our student-athletes and the department, but to the institution and the institution’s stakeholders.

Student-athletes today have discovered that their voices count. They are looking for avenues to use those voices to effect change. RealResponse provides that solution and allows for administrators to respond to that feedback and potentially avert greater concerns or even crises.