Former Athletic Director Dave Roach on Averting a Crisis with Real-Time Reporting


As a former athletic director for Fordham, Colgate, and Brown University, Dave Roach has learned first-hand how useful RealResponse can be for student-athletes.

Video: Averting a crisis with Real-Time Reporting

The real-time reporting vehicle was a godsend for us because instead of finding out something on a survey three months, six months after it happened, we would find out instantaneously something very serious happened. 

And as an example, we had a student athlete text and say in our locker room today, I heard one of my teammates say something that he or she would really be hurt by what was going on and was a mental health issue. 

We were able to right away reach out to the person who reported it, got the information, and we were able to help the particular student athlete who was having the mental health issue at that time and averted, what I would say, a very serious situation.